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Classification and application of unsaturated resins

According to the structure of unsaturated resin (UPR), it can be divided into o-benzene type, meta-benzene type, p-benzene type, bisphenol A type, vinyl ester type, etc.; according to its properties, it can be divided into general type, anti-corrosion type and self-extinguishing type. Heat-resistant type, low-shrinkage type, etc.; according to its main use, it can be divided into two categories: glass fiber reinforced plastic (FRP) resin and non-glass reinforced plastic resin. The so-called glass steel product refers to resin made of glass fiber and its products as reinforcing materials. Various products, also known as glass fiber reinforced composite materials (referred to as FRP or FRP); non-glass reinforced plastic products are various products made of resin mixed with inorganic filler or used alone, also known as non-reinforced glass reinforced plastic products.

According to the specific special varieties, there are winding resin, spray resin, RTM resin, pultrusion resin, SMC, BMC resin, flame retardant resin, food grade resin, anti-corrosion resin, air-drying resin, Polaroid resin, handicraft resin, Button resin, agate resin, artificial stone resin, high transparent resin crystal resin, putty resin, etc. As an FRP surface decoration, anti-aging flame retardant gel coat, heat-resistant gel coat, spray gel coat, mold gel coat, non-cracking gel coat, radiation-cured gel coat, high wear-resistant gel coat, etc.

UPR's FRP products are widely used in:

Construction area: cooling tower, 8 cubic meters / hour ~ 3000 cubic meters / hour of cross-flow, countercurrent, jet tower and air duct, fan, water collector and other accessories. Doors, windows, light lighting buildings, grilles, mobile homes, cold storage, park pavilions, stations, newsstands, etc.

Anti-corrosion products and engineering of glass steel pipes, tanks, tanks, etc.: including large, medium and small diameter pipes, pipe fittings, valves, storage tanks, storage tanks, grilles, filling plates, towers, chimneys, anti-corrosion floors and building anti-corrosion.

FRP vehicles: train double-decker buses and parts, window frames, car bodies, bumpers, train ventilation ducts, spring plates, etc.

FRP boats: including yachts, lifeboats, transport boats, fishing boats, speedboats, rafts, breeding vessels, assault boats, etc.

FRP amusement equipment: including large amusement machines, large water parks, and children's playgrounds.

FRP transportation equipment, labor insurance and security supplies: including road signs, road signs, footbridges, lamps, cable boxes, measuring scales, helmets, booths, explosion-proof equipment, manhole covers, etc.

FRP sanitary equipment: bathtub, vanity, toilet, frame, whole bathroom, garbage bin.

Energy-saving FRP products: including axial fans, centrifugal fans, solar water heaters, wind turbines, etc.

FRP food containers: high water tanks, food transport tanks, beverage cans.

FRP crafts: urban sculpture, fonts, crafts and bone-laying crafts.

FRP furniture: including seats, fast dining tables, furniture sets, telephone booths, counters, etc.

FRP electromechanical, mining, light textile products: including protective cover, grille, dry type transformer, transformer, high voltage drawbar, computer room, electrical switch, SMC satellite antenna, copper foil board, clothing model, ventilation duct, cotton tube Wait.

FRP sports equipment and music and dance equipment: including tennis rackets, parallel bars, horizontal bars, springboards, rowing boats, props, etc.

The non-glass reinforced plastics application areas of UPR are as follows:

Casting crafts: including crystal crafts, opaque various crafts, etc.

Buttons: A variety of polyester button products.

Artificial stone: including artificial marble, artificial agate, artificial granite, etc.

Coating: including furniture coating, piano, TV, radio case, sewing machine table and bicycle varnish.

Atomic ash: polyester putty for car repair.

Others: including anchoring agents, electrical casting, toughening agents, adhesives, etc.


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