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Disadvantages of vacuum guiding technology for FRP ships

At present, the vacuum resin introduction process also has certain disadvantages.

Construction process is more complicated

    The vacuum guiding process is different from the traditional hand-paste process. It is necessary to design the layering diagram of the fiber material, the layout diagram of the guiding pipe system and the construction and construction process according to the drawings. The coating and guiding medium of the reinforcing material must be completed before the resin is guided. , the introduction of the draft tube and vacuum sealing material. Therefore, for small-sized ships, the construction time is more than the hand lay-up process.

Production costs are relatively high

    The vacuum guiding process requires high permeability to the fiber material, and the continuous felt and unidirectional cloth are often used, and the unit cost is high. At the same time, auxiliary materials such as vacuum pump, vacuum bag film, flow guiding medium, release cloth and guiding tube are needed in the construction process, and most of them are used once, so the production cost is higher than the hand lay-up process. But the bigger the product, the smaller the difference.

Process has certain risks

    The vacuum guiding process itself determines the one-time molding of the ship construction. It requires high work before the resin is introduced. It must be implemented in strict accordance with the construction process. The process is irreversible after the resin is introduced, once it fails in the resin infusion. The entire hull is easily scrapped. At present, general shipyards use two-stage vacuum forming of the ship's hull and skeleton for the convenience of construction and risk reduction.

    As a new type of FRP ship's forming and construction technology, the vacuum guiding process has many advantages, especially in the construction of ships with large main scale, high speed and strong strength. With the continuous improvement of the vacuum resin introduction construction process and the reduction of raw material costs, as well as the increasing social demand, the construction of FRP ships will gradually transition to the mechanical molding process, and the resin vacuum guiding method will be widely used in more factories.


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