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Glass fiber production process

There are two kinds of glass fiber production processes: two forming-crucible drawing method, and one forming-pool kiln drawing method.

There are many processes in the crucible drawing method. The glass material is first melted into glass balls at high temperature, and then the glass balls are melted twice, and high-speed drawing is made into glass fiber precursor. This process has various drawbacks, such as high energy consumption, unstable molding process, and low labor productivity, and it is basically eliminated by large glass fiber manufacturers.

Pool kiln wire drawing method melts pyrophyllite and other raw materials in a kiln to form a glass solution, removes air bubbles and transports it to the porous slat through the passage, and draws it into glass fiber at high speed. The kiln can be connected to hundreds of slats through multiple channels for simultaneous production. This process is simple, energy-saving, stable molding, high-efficiency and high-yield, and is convenient for large-scale fully automated production. It has become the international mainstream production process. The glass fiber produced by this process accounts for more than 90% of the global output.


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