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chopped strand mat, resin vacuum introduction process technology principle

The resin vacuum guiding method is to pre-apply a reinforcing fiber material such as a glass chopped strand mat on a rigid mold, and then vacuum the bag, and vacuum the system to form a negative pressure in the mold cavity, which is generated by vacuum. The pressure absorbs the unsaturated resin into the fiber layer through the pre-laid pipe, allows the resin to infiltrate the fiber material, and finally fills the entire mold, and after solidification, removes the vacuum bag material, and demolds from the mold to obtain the desired product.

    The vacuum guiding process is based on the hydraulic theory founded by the French hydraulics Darcy in 1855, the famous Darcy's law: t= 2hl/(2k(AP ) )

    Where: t is the resin guiding time, determined by 4 parameters; h is the resin viscosity, guiding the viscosity of the resin; z is the guiding length, refers to the distance between the resin feeding port and the discharging port; AP is The pressure difference refers to the difference between the pressure inside and outside the vacuum bag; k is the permeability, which refers to the parameters of the resin, such as glass fiber and sandwich material.

    According to Darcy's law, the introduction time of the vacuum-guided resin is proportional to the length and viscosity of the resin, and inversely proportional to the pressure difference between the inside and outside of the vacuum bag and the permeability of the fiber material.


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