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Tensile breaking strength of fiberglass chopped strand mat

The tensile breaking strength is mainly based on the performance of the fiberglass chopped strand mat. The short cut mat has low strength and good tearing property, which is one of the good processability of the chopped felt compared with other forms of reinforced materials. However, if the tensile strength of the felt is too small, it will be easy to be damaged, which will bring some difficulties to the use. The requirement of tensile strength is stipulated in the foreign enterprise standard, and the index value is very high. Not only the average value but also the single value of test should be evaluated, but not in jisima 41l.

In the process of formulating the standard, we have carried out a lot of tests on the tensile breaking strength of chopped felt. From the test value, the test value of tensile strength of chopped felt fluctuates greatly and does not conform to the normal distribution, which brings some difficulties to the determination of the index. Different from glass fiber fabric, glass fiber yarn and other materials, the tensile breaking strength of chopped felt mainly depends on the bonding effect of binder. Thus, the quality of binder, the content of binder and the uniformity of binder become the main factors affecting the tensile breaking strength of chopped felt.

In addition to referring to foreign enterprise standards, a large number of domestic samples were tested. Through the methods of dividing the test single value into intervals and counting the frequency of occurrence, the strength index values of felt with different specifications were finally determined. After consulting the user's opinion, it is considered that it can meet the use requirements.


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