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Composite materials or subvert the traditional automotive industry

Some automotive technology experts have said that in the automotive industry, the innovative application of composite materials may subvert the traditional automotive industry, that is, the traditional manufacturing process of automobile stamping, welding, painting and final assembly in the traditional automobile manufacturing industry in the future. May disappear. At that time, it might be a simple matter to make a car. The car only needs to be glued with composite materials. Experts even assert that the lightweight of the automotive industry can be compared to the industrial revolution brought about by steam engines.

Some experts predict that not only the traditional four major processes of automobiles will disappear, but even the process of painting will change. For example, cars can directly use the color of composite materials. Just like the current linen clothes, there is no need to spray colors. It is a natural color.

At present, many countries attach great importance to carbon fiber research from government, vehicle manufacturers to material suppliers. China's development and application of raw materials is seriously lagging behind Japan, Europe and the United States, especially carbon fiber. It is reported that more than half of the application technology of carbon fiber raw silk is controlled in Japan. Fortunately, many material suppliers in China are now focusing on this area. Last year, Kangde Investment Group Langfang Carbon Fiber Project put into production of high-performance T700 grade carbon fiber raw yarn, with a planned production capacity of 5,100 tons and a first-phase production capacity of 1,700 tons. It is expected to be trial-produced in the third quarter of 2015 and officially put into production in the fourth quarter. The products are mainly used to build new energy. Automotive parts. According to industry experts, BMW's Langfang carbon fiber project will use BMW's technology to produce new energy vehicle carbon fiber accessories to enter BMW's supply chain system due to its own insufficient production capacity.


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