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FRP underground storage tanks have succeeded in the United States

Today, FRP underground storage tanks are widely used in the United States because they are easy to meet the required standards and have high installation success rates. The high historical success rate of FRP tanks is mainly due to the industry's need for high manufacturing standards/quality, training and supervision of industrial installation procedures and installation procedures.

Manufacturing Standard/Quality: The production of fiberglass underground petroleum storage tanks is a fully automated process, not a shop floor operation. This automated process brings standard manufacturing and quality control processes from raw materials and components to temporary combined sampling and final product inspection. While each tank manufacturer complies with its patented process, product performance testing must meet the standards of third-party independent laboratories—US Underwriters Laboratories UL 1316 Standard FRP Underground Storage Tanks for Petroleum Products, Alcohol and Alcohol Gasoline, etc. . Finally, UL retains quality assurance contractors and production facilities that are regularly inspected to ensure that quality assurance and quality control (QA QC) procedures are followed. Therefore, the quality of the US FRP water tank is manufactured to meet third-party performance standards, followed by third-party quality assurance quality control procedures, and comes with a 30-year warranty.

Industrial installation steps: Although each FRP tank manufacturer announces detailed installation procedures, the oil industry (American Petroleum Institute) and the tank installation industry (Petroleum Association) also publish and regularly update the underground tank installation standards (API1516 installation of underground oil storage tanks) Recommended practice for installing underground liquid storage systems with PEI100). These installation standards are incorporated into fire protection and building codes as required by authorities (eg, city, county, state) and federal government (ie, the Environmental Protection Agency).

Installation Training/Supervision: Supervisory in the United States is required by federal government regulations, national inspection and fire protection regulations. For example, the City of New York used to install a water tank that required the supervision of firefighters on site.


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