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Why are FRP windows increasingly popular?

FRP windows have gradually become the mainstream choice for owners and contractors. Once considered a niche product, the share accounted for 2% of total US window sales. Recent market reports indicate that FRP windows have a market share of 3.2% and are still growing.

Once considered a niche product, perhaps only 2% of the total window sales in the United States, fiberglass products have been attractive in the past few years. The latest market report, jointly published by the American Association of Building Manufacturers, Door and Window Manufacturers Association, shows a 3.2% market share in fiberglass, with 2.6% reshaping/replacement. More contractors install them because more owners are asking them.

Two factors boosted the window FRP out of the niche category and went to the mainstream: 1. More manufacturers - including Milgard doors and windows, Pella and Milgard doors and windows - provide fiberglass products, and more owners know about them.

The company also offers vinyl and fiberglass windows, or three types of wood - plastic, fiberglass windows, and customers will see a stronger interest in fiberglass. Another selling point: because the window is, in fact, all FRP windows, it does not expand and contract the frame, and vinyl windows lose their dimensional integrity due to expansion or contraction.

Now considering the cost of fiberglass, it will not exceed vinyl and wooden windows in the short term, but it has become a demand. I believe that in the future, the market share will be more than 3.5%, and the second is 10% or 12% or more.


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