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How to calculate the roll weight and length of glass fiber chopped mat

At present, the roll weight of conventional mat produced by major manufacturers of glass fiber chopped strand mat is basically 30kg, 33kg and 35kg. Users only know the weight and do not know the length when using it. Therefore, it is not possible to roughly calculate how many products a roll of mat can make, but can only use one roll to test. For your convenience, tell you how to measure the weight and length of a roll of felt.

ow to calculate the roll weight and length of glass fiber chopped mat

For example, the conventional 300g powder mat has a width of 1040 mm and a single roll weight of 33kg. The length is calculated by dividing the weight by the width divided by the weight per gram. The length of the 33 kg felt roll is: 33 / 1.04 / 0.3 = 105.7 meters

Of course, we know that length and width are also very easy to calculate the weight of a roll of felt. The width and length of products used by some customers are not necessarily 1040 mm. For example, the width and length are basically customized. If the customer requires a roll of 230g felt with a width of 1570mm and a length of 140m, the weight will come out. If you multiply the width by the mass, you multiply the length by the area. 140*0.23*1.57=50.5kg

The method for calculating the length and weight of chopped felt for other grams is the same, and it can be done by using a fixed mathematical formula.


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