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Earthlings Fiber Glass Co.,Ltd is in full swing

In the coming of the New Year, in Rangoon, myanmar, rypida industry (4) district of the land, a company called Earthlings Fiber Glass Co.,Ltd is in full swing in the construction, new plant, beautiful environment, injected new vitality to the local economy.

Green wall blue tile with a unique feature, highlighted the builders of the joint efforts, tight grasp of the time limit, meticulous completion of all the work, no omission.In the face of the four seasons as a day of high temperature weather, regardless of wiped the sweat on the forehead, too late to rest a breath, and into the tension and busy work.

The workers are in the final stage of equipment installation and commissioning, with a happy smile on their faces. This is the new starting point they have been dreaming of, and the place where they are about to set sail.

Only good, do right, will not live up to everyone's expectations, more will not let their labor in vain.Time waits for no one, roll up your sleeves and work harder, which is the true portrayal of everyone here.


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