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How to make glass fiber chopped strand mat soft?

As a new type of reinforced material, glass fiber chopped strand mat is widely used in various fields of life, such as airplanes, ships, model abrasives, storage tanks and so on. Due to the different fields, the performance requirements of mat are different.

How to make glass fiber chopped strand mat soft?

In the past, there was only one kind of domestic mat in China, which was hard to avoid cracking. With the development, the technology became more and more mature, and various kinds of mat were continuously developed, such as model mat and soft mat. This kind of mat could not be better used in model production and some FRP with small R angle. This technology is a big test for the chopped strand mat production enterprises. There is only one core problem, that is, how to make the mat soft.

After the real practice, it's very easy to soften the mat, that is, add a soft component in the adhesive, reduce the proportion of glue, and the mat will naturally soften down. If the requirement is a little higher, the yarn produced will be changed to the yarn with large splitting ratio, which will be finer and easier to make soft.


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