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New composite structural insulation board

The Composite Panel Building System (CPBS) introduces a full composite structural insulation board (C-SIP) designed to continuously isolate and seal the building envelope. The C-SIP is designed and integrated with 6 functions into one product, including external sheath, insulation, airtight layer, vapor block, moisture barrier and structural wall.

The C-SIP wallboard includes a glass fiber reinforced thermoset polymer (FRT) bonded to the rigid polyurethane foam by the manufacturing process, eliminating the risk of any delamination. The C-SIP4 "foam core does not shrink or lose insulation values over time, providing significant energy savings.

As an air and moisture-proof, energy-saving C-SIP replaces a variety of construction products. Many house covers, waterproof barriers and laminate or fiber SIP are damaged during installation and do not prevent water intrusion before application to decorative materials. The C-SIP wallboard is designed to withstand the rigor of the construction process without losing performance or cutting rework, saving time and labor costs.

The environmentally friendly composite FRT connects the C-SIP wall panels together and connects to the foundation, the ground system and the roof structure as well as the pultrusion composite frame window. FRT reduces the use of wood or metal joining materials that are susceptible to decay, termites or insects, mold and moisture infiltration, which can significantly weaken the structure. Structural walls in C-SIP systems do not necessarily require the conversion of studs into expensive 2x6 frames, in order to meet the increased cost of additional insulation resulting from the progress.


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