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Why is the glass fiber market booming? Take a look at the development of wind turbines and blades in the first half of 2020

On the eve of the end of onshore and offshore wind power subsidies, in order to install and connect the grid as soon as possible in order to obtain subsidies, wind power enterprises have spawned a "rush to install electricity". In addition, the impact of public health events has brought great supply pressure to all ends of the industrial chain.

Wind turbine manufacturer: evolution of large-scale unit speed increase

Since this year, wind turbine manufacturers have ushered in a big explosion of wind turbine sales. The financial data such as operating income and net profit have been greatly increased, and some enterprises have broken the historical records. Behind the historical sales volume, the scale of single fan is gradually changing.

According to the statistics of the Global Wind Energy Council, the power of wind turbines continues to increase. In 2019, the average power of the world's new installed capacity exceeded 2.75mw, an increase of 1.16mw or 72% compared with 2009. Previously, the main installed capacity has been 1.5mw-2.5mw platform. In 2017, the average power of new domestic wind turbines exceeded 2MW for the first time, reaching 2.2MW in 2018. After years of development, the mainstream of domestic onshore wind power installation is gradually switching to 3MW platform units.

According to the international energy grid / wind power headline statistics, in the procurement of wind turbines from January to July 2020, there are 32 projects with 3.0MW wind turbines required by developers, with an installed capacity of 4417mw, accounting for 49.15% of the total wind turbine procurement scale. For wind turbine manufacturers, higher power wind turbines can effectively reduce construction costs and increase power generation, which has become an effective means for wind power developers to reduce costs and increase efficiency.

The trend of large wind turbine has become the main theme of development. As the countdown of onshore wind power subsidies is getting closer and the tide of offshore wind power subsidies is ebbing, wind turbine manufacturers are constantly launching wind turbines, which give more imagination to the price reduction of wind power.

In the semi annual report of Jinfeng technology, the sales volume of 3S / 4S wind turbines in the first half of this year increased by 13.97% compared with that of last year; among the new orders from January to August this year, most of the orders of prospective energy on land were 3. X platform models; Yunda Co., Ltd. sold 324.6mw 3.0MW wind turbines in the first half of this year; Mingyang intelligent disclosed that in the new orders in the first half of 2020, the single machine power of 3.0MW and The total scale of orders of the computer group reached 97%.

At present, the main onshore wind turbine models of Goldwind technology are 2S platform models, including gw121-2.5mw, gw130-2.5mw, gw140-2.5mw, gw140-3.0mw, gw150-2.8mw. In terms of large megawatt unit reserve, Goldwind technology released gw155-4.5 units in 2019, and has obtained a large number of orders in America, Southeast Asia and Australia.

Mingyang intelligent has launched different types of wind turbines for different wind speed regions, including myse3.0-112 / 121 / 135 / 145 / 156, myse4.0-156, myse5.0-156, etc. In terms of offshore wind power, Mingyang intelligent has launched 8 MW class models such as myse7.0/7.25-158-s and myse8.0/8.3-180-s for offshore wind power market. Among the wind turbines above 10MW level, Mingyang intelligent has launched myse11-203 wind turbine model, which has taken the lead in the era of large MW wind turbine.

Similar to the transition of onshore wind turbines from 2.0MW to 3.0MW, offshore wind power market also ushers in larger MW wind turbines. At present, more mature 4.0mw-6.0mw offshore wind turbines are still the main choice of developers. Meanwhile, 7.0mw-8.0mw higher power units are accepted. Meanwhile, the whole machine manufacturers are actively developing 10mw-12mw wind turbines.

Wind turbine blade manufacturer: cooperate with the whole machine manufacturer to develop larger blades

As the upstream blade manufacturer of wind turbine, due to the large-scale wind turbine, the requirements of blade material and size are higher and higher. Since 2020, Sinoma science and technology, era new materials and Zhongfu Lianzhong, the three major blade enterprises, have expanded their production and built new bases, and have further increased their cooperation with the whole machine manufacturers to create more suitable blades for wind turbines in the new situation.

In the first half of 2020, the wind power blade business income of Sinoma technology accounted for 42.94% of the total business income, and the sales of wind turbine blades were 4588mw. At present, it has seven megawatt blade production bases, including Beijing Yanqing, Gansu Jiuquan, Jiangsu Funing, Jilin Baicheng, Inner Mongolia Xilin, Jiangxi Pingxiang, Hebei Handan, etc.

In terms of wind turbine blade research and development, Sinoma technology has successively carried out 12 research and development tasks of 70m / 80m wind turbine blades. In terms of onshore wind power, Sinoma science and technology newly launched si68.6b blades suitable for 2.5MW units in the first half of 2020, and successively launched Sinoma 59.5/59.5b/50.5/68.6/56.4/72 and other wind turbine blades suitable for 3.xmw wind turbines. In terms of offshore wind power, Sinoma 85.6 blades have been used on Jinfeng 8.0mw wind turbine of Xinghua Bay offshore wind power project; in September, Sinoma technology realized the successful offline of the first 90m carbon fiber wind turbine blade, opening a new era of large-scale wind turbine blades.

Shidai new material has 6 MW wind power blade production bases in China, which are distributed in Tianjin, Xiangtan, Ordos, Sheyang, etc. In the first half of 2020, the new material orders of the times were full, which once entered the production state of "no end of machine". In terms of cooperation with the whole machine manufacturer, the first set of en161 blades jointly developed by era new materials and prospect Energy Co., Ltd. was successfully launched in April. In May, the length reached 84 meters, and the offshore wind turbine blade S84 composed of pure glass fiber was offline. Tmt76 wind turbine blade is also in the process of intensive production.

In addition, the world's first 64.2m full polyurethane fan blade jointly developed by Zhongfu Lianzhong, Jinfeng technology and Kesi was also successfully launched in August, making a solid step in the field of all polyurethane materials.


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