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FRP RV Shell Maintenance Raiders

As we all know, FRP has been widely used in the automotive industry due to its advantages of light weight, high strength, corrosion resistance, low energy consumption, shock resistance, sound insulation, high strength, good manufacturability, and easy to integrate components. exception. However, the advanced materials also need to be properly maintained by the RV user. The following are six maintenance strategies for the FRP RV shell:

Avoid contact with sharp, hard objects

    If the RV collides with other objects during parking or reversing, it will cause scratches and other damage, and protective measures should be taken.

Found damage, repaired in time

    Always inspect the car body. If the resin is peeled off, the scratches are deep, and the fibers are exposed, it must be repaired in time. Otherwise, the water will infiltrate and accelerate the damage.

The surface of the RV should always be kept clean

    Surfaces stained with oil and other materials can be cleaned with ordinary household cleaners. Solvents with strong corrosiveness should not be used. It is also not possible to use decontamination powder or wire scrubbing to avoid scratches and affect the appearance. If the stain is difficult to remove, it can be cleaned with gasoline, kerosene, diesel and toluene, xylene, styrene, acetone, etc., but be washed immediately with water to prevent intrusion into the structure. It can also be supplemented with a tool spatula for cleaning, but use bamboo chips or plastic sheets with a hardness lower than that of FRP to avoid scratching the surface. Soft materials such as jersey, gauze, soft towels and soft foam can be used for scrubbing.

Avoid long exposure in the hot sun

    A pergola should be set up at the parking lot of the RV. Long-term exposure is not good for FRP, and the color of the gel coat will also be affected.

Regular waxing and polishing

    In order to make the exterior of the RV exterior bright and protect the gel coat layer, the exterior of the RV should be polished regularly. The material can be used for automotive wax or FRP special glazing wax, which can be used for two to three times, each time interval of 2 hours, to form a tough wax film on the surface of FRP. It is best to polish with a hand polisher to make the surface shine as new.

Apply paint to maintain beauty and durability

    The new car with the gel coat has a beautiful appearance, but after three or five years of use, the color gradually fades and loses its luster, and the dark color is even worse than the light color. In order to maintain the appearance of the RV, when the appearance of the gel coat layer is old and scratched, the method of applying paint can be adopted. Among various paints, polyurethane and epoxy paints are preferred. Before painting, the surface of the RV should be cleaned first, remove the wax with a wax remover such as clean mold water, and grind the water with a sanding paper. The deep scratches should be embedded with epoxy putty. Apply the paint before the preliminary work according to the paint requirements. It is best to paint), the painted car is as beautiful as the new car.

    FRP RVs should be regularly maintained. It is best to learn simple repair techniques, which is beneficial to extend the life of FRP RVs and improve operational efficiency.


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