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Resin price exceeds 40000, glass fiber keeps high and continues to rise

In recent days, the resin and glass fiber industry is a few happy and a few worried, and the price continues to rise, and the range is still frightening. The price of epoxy resin has passed through the customs all the way, and easily passed the 39000 yuan / ton pass. Due to the continuous shortage of supply, some quotations have passed the 40000 yuan / ton pass.

Resin price exceeds 40000, glass fiber keeps high and continues to rise

According to the current epoxy market, it's not a problem that the price will steadily rise to 40000. The problem is how high can it go next?

If supply falls short of demand, prices will keep rising until some demand withdraws.

Unsaturated resin, as raw materials in the high shock and go up, so the price of some varieties rose again. Compared with the steep rise after the Spring Festival, this rise is extremely mild. However, downstream demand begins to recover, and the inventory of many raw materials is low. It is expected that this rise will last for some time.

Rise more or fall less unsaturated resin, another wave of temperature rise, the downstream is also unable to bear!

Epoxy resin and unsaturated resin are on the rise. Vinyl resin, of course, is not willing to lag behind, basically with the frequency of 1000 yuan / ton, catching up slowly. The unit price of 30 + is a common phenomenon.

In terms of glass fiber, the supply of ordinary direct yarn has improved. Although according to a large factory, the supply is still tight, it has eased a lot compared with before and after the Spring Festival. Ordinary direct yarn, as a pacesetter, has the significance of wind vane.

In terms of yarn, price rise and shortage are still the main theme. Due to the limited production capacity, in order to meet the demand of some high-end fields of thermoplastic, we can only reduce the supply of thermosetting correspondingly. Affected by this, daylighting tile, machine-made board, jet, SMC and all felt fields are very sad.

After the most difficult time, the downstream pressure will slow down, but at present, all raw materials are at a high level, and there is a trend to continue to go up.

When will the tight string break? How much spare power does the downstream have to bear the next wave of increase? What will happen if I can't bear it?


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