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Sincere long term preparation for 2020-2021 annual meeting

Unconsciously, it has entered the cold winter of 2020

In this extraordinary year

It has experienced the devastation of the new epidemic

The market economy is also in turmoil, unable to see the situation clearly

We have been holding on, tenacious to live

Unity, continuous struggle and hard struggle

Finally, the dawn of victory was ushered in

With the gradual improvement of the epidemic situation

Recovery of market economy

Full of hope for the future

We are full of energy and energy

Let's take a little bit of this year's work

Break, crush and blend into

In the original program

Production cannot fall behind

Work cannot be relaxed

In the busy work

We squeeze time and piece it together

Put in 200 percent of the combat effectiveness

With sincerity, true feelings, sweat and passion

Learning, creation, arrangement and deduction

"Ode to the Phoenix", "Allegro", "chasing dreams to the front", "songs burning" and so on

It is full of the painstaking efforts of those who jointly create, participate in and perform together

Again and again, day after day, ten days and ten days

Constant familiarity, constant optimization and continuous improvement

To present the most perfect state, we have to work hard and skillfully in our heart

It's not just our attitude towards the show

It is a positive spirit for work and life

Gather a lot of wisdom, work hard and work hard

Careful creation, repeated grinding, continuous refinement, the pursuit of perfection

If you do something, you have to be serious and work hard

Do well, do well, pay attention

Under the leadership of a strong leadership team

Regardless of gains and losses, forge ahead bravely

Presentation of every detail

It's all the work of everyone

Strive for perfection, pursue excellence, dare to challenge, never forget the original intention

There were hundreds of performers

Overall coordination, active linkage and obedience to command

This is a team with strong fighting capacity

We can't beat down, we can't be tired, we won't be proud, we won't be discouraged

Phoenix pannie, rebirth in the fire

Show the world our unique style and features

Unlimited vitality, passion, forward

January 7, 2021

Let's look forward to it

The most unforgettable annual meeting

Bright stars shine the world

With you

Open up a bright future

Blooming with brilliant brilliance


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