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FRP fish tank introduction

1. The FRP fish tank has the characteristics of plasticity and can be easily installed at the top or bottom of the inlet and outlet and the overflow. They crack less in cold and bad weather.

2. Lightweight weight for easy movement. For some fish species seasons, the FRP incubator is more convenient to change water and clean the interior. At the same time, fish hatchery can also be used to transport freshwater food or seafood. High impact strength and easy handling.

3. FRP fish tanks are made of American standard resin, non-toxic and non-precipitating. This resin has no toxic effects.

4. FRP material has good thermal insulation effect. When installed on farms in cold winters, this will reduce energy consumption.

5, FRP water tank culture inherits the high strength characteristics of plastic fish tanks. Moreover, due to the characteristics of composite technology, it can be customized into different shapes. The glass fiber aquaculture tank is generally designed to be round. According to the physical nature of the pressure. There is a central intake pipe outlet and a pot-shaped bottom. When used for fish farming, the inlet can be designed as a vortex, so no suspended matter will be at the bottom of the tank, and the pot-shaped vortex will concentrate.

6. Compared with traditional fish tanks, glass fiber fish tanks have almost no contaminated water, which is convenient for drainage, cleaning, disinfection and easy to move. It is more conducive to the growth of fish, can significantly improve the survival rate of fish.


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