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fiberglass chopped strand matte temperature resistance

    The temperature resistance of the fiberglass chopped strand mating adhesive may not be obvious to everyone. Explain: How much high temperature the glass fiber chopped strand mating adhesive can withstand.

    I recently saw some friends in the circle asking about this issue, and I will talk to you here. Glass fiber chopped strand mats are produced according to user requirements. They can usually be divided into powder chopped strand mats and emulsion chopped strand mats. As the name implies, powders are bonded by powder, and emulsions are bonded by emulsion.

    In production, the powder is evenly dusted by the machine onto the short-cut glass fiber filaments, and sprayed with water to melt, so that the glass fibers can be bonded together. The rolls are then dried by oven drying.

    The emulsion is sprayed in a ratio of latex and water, and evenly sprayed onto the chopped yarn on the mesh belt to make it impregnate the glass fiber, and then dried and formed by an oven.

    As for the temperature resistance of the adhesive, there is no specific consideration. In terms of itself, it is only the high temperature of the glass fiber chopped strand felt, which is about 300 degrees. After the adhesive contacts the high temperature, it melts quickly. However, it is safe to assume that the chopped strand mat cannot be used alone as a temperature-resistant material, and it needs to be matched with other materials by resin impregnation to form a finished product. Therefore, the temperature resistance of the glass chopped strand mat binder is negligible.


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