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Main uses of fiberglass chopped strand mat

Glass short cut fiber is mainly used to strengthen thermoplastic. Because of its good cost performance, it is especially suitable for composite with resin as reinforcement materials for automobile, train and ship shell: it is used for high temperature resistant needle felt, automobile sound absorption sheet, hot rolled steel, etc. Its products are widely used in automobile, construction, aviation daily necessities and other fields. Typical products include automobile parts, electronic and electrical products, mechanical products, etc.

The short cut felt can be used for reinforcing unsaturated polyester, vinyl resin, epoxy resin and phenolic resin. It is widely used in the process of glass steel hand paste and winding, and also used in molding, continuous plate making, car and other processes. Short cut felt products are widely used in chemical anticorrosive pipes, FRP lighting plate, models, cooling towers, interior roofs of automobiles, ships, automobile parts, insulators, sanitary ware, seats, buildings and other FRP products.

Glass fiber short cut felt is a non-woven reinforced material made of powder or milk aid after the glass fiber is cut short, and is not distributed evenly


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