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Development status of glass fiber and glass fiber reinforced plastics

Glass fibers, also known as glass reinforced plastics, are made by using a fine fiber reinforced plastic matrix of glass. Fiberglass is a lightweight, sturdy material and is extremely used in a wide variety of products. The raw materials required to make fiberglass are readily available at a lower cost and, therefore, are more affordable than carbon fibers for a variety of applications. In addition, fiberglass is less brittle and has good overall strength and weight characteristics, which helps it easily replace metal materials to produce several products such as septic tanks, roofing, plumbing, high performance aircraft, automotive, exterior sector panels and Water tank, etc.

FRP considers major applications such as construction, automotive, infrastructure, consumer goods, etc. The growing demand in the construction and automotive industries is expected to be the main driver of growth in the fiberglass market. The growing demand for lightweight, fuel-efficient vehicle demand boosts the demand for these materials in the automotive industry. The growing demand for fiberglass in China is expected to play a vital role in enriching the overall growth of the market. The rapid growth in demand for fiberglass in China is mainly due to the growing construction, wing energy industry and electronics industry. In the next few years, the Asia Pacific region is expected to become the leading manufacturer of fiberglass and a major consumer market consumer.

The global market for fiberglass is now highly competitive in terms of quality, scale of operations, technology, price and innovation. The overall fiberglass market is mainly due to the large market share of some large companies. As the fourth largest fiberglass production base in China, Sichuan Weibo Group has extensive influence in China and the world glass fiber market. The glass fiber chopped strand mat produced by Sichuan Zhicheng Changyuan Composite Materials Co., Ltd. is exported overseas.


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