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Difference between glass fiber chopped mat and continuous mat

Glass fiber continuous mat is a new type of non-woven reinforced material for composite materials. It is a kind of continuous glass fiber which is randomly distributed in a circle and is bonded with a small amount of adhesive by mechanical action between precursors. It belongs to national high-tech products and national new products.

Glass fiber chopped strand mat is a kind of reinforcing material made of glass fiber precursor cut into a certain length of chopped fiber and bonded by powder binder or emulsion binder.

We can see the obvious difference between the two kinds of felt from the above basic definition. Although both felts are made of raw silk, one has passed the short cutting and the other has not.

Now we introduce two kinds of felt from the performance!

1、 Continuous matting

(1) The product is tear resistant, because the continuous mat precursor is continuous looping, isotropic and high strength (the strength is about 1-1.5 times of that of short cut felt).

(2) The surface finish of products is high, which can be used for decoration.

(3) The product designability can be used in different product requirements and molding processes, such as pultrusion, RTM, vacuum casting and die pressing through the changes of felt layer, tightness and adhesive.

(4) It is easy to cut, has good flexibility and film covering, and is easy to form, and can adapt to more complex mold.

2、 Properties of chopped mat

(1) The chopped strand felt does not have the close interweaving point as the fabric, so it is easy to absorb resin. The resin content of the product is large (50-75%), so that the sealing property of the product is good, no leakage, the water resistance and other medium corrosion resistance of the product are improved, and the appearance quality is also improved.

(2) Chopped strand felt is not as dense as fabric, so it is easy to thicken when it is used to make reinforced products. Moreover, the production process of chopped strand mat is less than that of fabric, and the cost is also lower. The cost of products can be reduced by using chopped strand mat.

(3) The fiber in chopped strand felt has no directionality and its surface is rougher than that of fabric. Therefore, the adhesion between layers is good, and the product is not easy to be layered, and the strength of the product is isotropic.

(4) The fibers in the chopped strand mat are discontinuous, so the damaged area and strength of the products are small after being damaged.

(5) Resin permeability, good resin permeability, fast penetration speed, accelerate the curing speed, improve production efficiency, the general resin penetration rate is less than or equal to 60 seconds.

(6) It is easy to cut and construct. It is suitable for making products with complex shapes

The properties of the two kinds of felt are different, so there are obvious differences in use. Glass fiber continuous felt is mainly used in pultrusion profile, RTM process and dry-type transformer, while glass fiber chopped mat is more used in hand lay up, molding, machine-made plate and other places.


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