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Inferior fiberglass felt and mesh cloth affect the insulation effect of building exterior wall

When the fiberglass chopped strand mat and the mesh cloth are used as building materials, the heat insulation effect of the building body can be effectively increased. Therefore, the two glass fiber products are often used as raw materials such as thermal insulation. High-quality fiberglass products can achieve this effect, but inferior fiberglass felts and mesh fabrics can affect the insulation effect of building exterior walls.

    Alkali-resistant glass fiber felt and mesh cloth are mainly used for polymer-based thin ash building exterior wall insulation layer such as expanded polystyrene and rubber powder polystyrene particles. It acts as a crack-proofing protection for the building insulation layer, so that it does not The insulation layer is destroyed by the falling off of the outer wall mortar. Therefore, the quality of the alkali-resistant mesh is critical to building insulation.

    High-quality alkali-resistant glass fiber felt and glass fiber mesh have three main indexes, namely alkali resistance, tensile strength and strain at break, the most important of which is alkali resistance. Because in the case of poor alkali resistance, the tensile strength and the strength will also drop rapidly in the concrete, and it will not play the role of crack resistance. The alkali resistance of the glass fiber mesh is mainly achieved by the composition of the mesh yarn and the alkali resistance of the coated rubber. However, the quality of alkali-resistant mesh fabrics on the market is currently uneven, and the phenomenon of counterfeiting and shoddy shoddy is worrying. Therefore, when selecting the glass fiber mesh cloth, it is necessary to polish the eyes, and beware of the inferior fiberglass mesh cloth affecting the insulation effect of the building exterior wall.

    The glass fiber mesh yarn of the fake mesh is as follows: First, the glass fiber yarn pulled out by the recycled high-alkali broken glass in the clay soil, the yarn has low strength and no alkali resistance, and is banned by the state; The second is that the broken glass ball is pulled out on the clay pot. The yarn is very brittle, and the thickness of the single fiber is very different, so the strength is not guaranteed. Third, in the process of assembling, the above two yarns will be The combination of clay crepe and high-quality platinum crepe makes it difficult for mesh fabric manufacturers and ordinary consumers to distinguish. However, the mesh fabric produced by high-quality yarn and inferior yarn can be different once the alkali resistance test is performed, and the alkali resistance of the inferior product is basically not up to standard.

    In addition to the quality of the glass fiber yarn, the alkali resistance of the mesh material also requires the cooperation of the coating glue. In particular, the alkali resistance of medium-alkali glass fiber yarns is mainly ensured by the coating layer, so an alkali-resistant latex and a sufficiently thick and firm coating are required. High-quality latex, in addition to ensuring the quality of the main raw materials (mainly styrene and acrylate), the application of excipients is also very particular, and it is required to improve the overall cross-linking, water resistance and alkali resistance of the latex. The vinyl acetate used in the inferior glue, in order to achieve good operation when the glue is applied, an excessive amount of alkaline substance or silane substance is added, so that the alkali resistance of the glue is greatly reduced.

    High-quality fiberglass mesh not only needs to control fission with low strain at break (extension) and high strength, but also needs to achieve seismic and anti-folding with a certain flexibility. Glass yarns with a single fiber of more than 13 mm are not only low in strength, but also poor in flexibility and easy to fold. The fiber diameter of the inferior yarn and the clay crepe exceeds 15 mm or more, and the fiber woven fabric has weather resistance and freeze resistance. The anti-shock performance is extremely poor. Therefore, in the construction of building exterior wall insulation, the construction unit and the construction unit must strictly control to prevent the inferior quality alkali-resistant glass fiber mesh from affecting the service life of the building exterior wall insulation layer.

    High-alkali broken glass and broken glass are used to extract glass fiber yarn from clay. This product has been banned by the state, but there are still a large number of such production units or small workshops in the North China region, in order to avoid the terminal. Products are affected, it is recommended that everyone, far from these bad products, improve the quality of products, from the raw materials should be strictly controlled. Believe that high-quality products are not worthy of sales!


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