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What are the requirements for glass fiber chopped strand mat in hand lay-up molding

The fibers used for hand molding are usually glass fibers, carbon fibers, aramid fibers and fabrics. Today we are talking about the requirements of glass fiber semi-fiber mat in the manual molding process. This requirement also applies to other fibers.

Glass fiber chopped strand mat

Reinforcement materials are easy to be impregnated with resin; this is not difficult to understand; resin is easy to soak, which improves work efficiency and saves resin costs.

It has sufficient deformability to meet the requirements of complex shapes of products. This requirement can easily satisfy the model feel.

Air bubbles are easily discharged; workers need skilled skills, and the uniformity of shorts should reach the standard.

Can meet the physical and chemical performance requirements of the product;

Reasonable price and abundant resources.


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