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Production Status of China's Fiberglass Products

In recent years, China's glass fiber industry has developed rapidly, and the development speed of China's glass fiber industry is much higher than the world average. The proportion of glass fiber production in world production increased from less than 10% in 2000 to 54% in 2010, making it the world's number one fiber producer and exporter.

    At present, the world glass fiber industry has formed a complete industrial chain from glass fiber, glass fiber products to glass fiber composite materials. Its upstream industry involves mining, chemical and energy, and downstream industries involve building materials, electronic appliances, rail transit, petrochemicals, Traditional industries such as automobile manufacturing and emerging fields such as aerospace, wind power, filtration and dust removal, environmental engineering, and marine engineering.

    In addition to some of the applications we are familiar with, glass fiber is also used in a wide range of special fields. The new glass fiber products mainly include: special glass fiber, surface modified glass fiber, glass fiber composite yarn, glass fiber impregnated yarn, ultra-fine glass fiber glueless filter cartridge, ultra-fine glass fiber glueless filter membrane, glass fiber air filter paper. . At the same time, glass fibers are also used as filter materials and catalyst support materials.

    Due to the increasingly serious environmental pollution, human life and healthy development have been threatened. In order to achieve the effect of air purification, new high-quality filter materials have become a hot research topic for researchers in recent years. It has been found through experiments that glass fiber and its composite materials are high-quality high-temperature, anti-corrosion filter materials. Therefore, ultra-fine glass fiber non-adhesive filter cartridges, ultra-fine glass fiber non-adhesive filters, and glass fiber air filter papers, which are mainly made of glass fiber raw materials, are increasingly favored by people.

    Among them, the glass fiber air filter paper is mainly made of glass fiber raw materials mixed with other fibers or filaments, using chemical raw materials to impart special properties, and is made of traditional papermaking technology, and is used as a filter medium for porous paper, thick paper or even cardboard. It is mainly used as a filter material, and its function is equivalent to the air filter paper in the three filter papers, but the performance is better and the use is wider. Glass fiber air filter paper is widely used, and its main purpose is to use as a gas and liquid purification filter paper. Glass fiber air filter paper can remove harmful dust, smoke, poisonous mist, etc. from gas, and can also block bacteria, microorganisms and viruses. This is the improvement of national defense equipment, environmental protection, human health, maintenance of mechanical equipment, fine processing products. The guarantee of electronic products is indispensable and is of great significance to the development of national defense and the development of the national economy.

    At present, Japan's research in this area at home and abroad is relatively cutting-edge. Several companies in Japan have successfully developed different types of fiberglass air filter paper, which can be used to purify air and filter dust. A US company has also developed a glass fiber composite air filter material. The glass fiber composite air filter material has high filtration efficiency for filtering dust and solid micro materials.

    Glass fiber paper is currently mainly used for the preparation of filter materials. Through analysis, we can see that general glass fiber filter paper has a common weakness, that is, low dust holding capacity and short service life. The service life of high efficiency filter is generally 1 year, half year, short only a few months, even ten It has to be replaced in a few days, and the replacement procedures for these filters are cumbersome and expensive. Sometimes we can install a medium-effect or primary filter in front of the high-efficiency filter to extend the life of the high-efficiency filter, but there are still a series of problems such as troubles in assembly and disassembly, and large floor space.


    Therefore, in the future development of glass fiber filter paper, we should do the following development work:

    (1) Develop high-efficiency filter paper with high dust holding capacity.

    (2) Develop medium-efficiency filter paper with high dust holding capacity to meet the needs of modern building air conditioning systems.

    (3) Development of a separatorless filter paper having a corrugated wave height.

    (4) Develop special filter papers such as sterile filter paper to meet the needs of special environments.


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