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Which FRP production uses fiberglass chopped strand mat

The fiberglass chopped strand mat is obtained by mechanically cutting the glass fiber bundle into fixed length fibers having a length of 50-70, and then processing into a felt shape as a reinforcing material for the glass fiber reinforced plastic. Why do fiberglass reinforcements use fiberglass chopped strand mats? Which FRP production requires fiberglass chopped strand mat?

    The glass fiber chopped strand mat saves the manufacturing process of the glass fiber cloth in the production process, the production cost is low, the void ratio of the felt is large, and the content of the resin is increased when the glass fiber reinforced plastic is used for the production. When glass fiber reinforced plastic is usually made of glass fiber cloth, the weight ratio of glass fiber to resin is 1:1, and when chopped strand mat is used, the weight ratio of the two is 1:2. This will reduce the density of the FRP by about 10%. However, due to the high content of the resin, the denseness of the FRP will be better, and the glass fibers of the chopped strand are not connected, which can improve the impermeability of the glass. Since the glass fibers of the chopped strand mat are discontinuous, the mechanical properties of the chopped strands of FRP are lower than that of the glass reinforced plastics made of glass fiber cloth, and the tensile strength is, for example, 55% to 60% lower.

   Therefore, chopped strand mat is mainly used in products with low strength requirements but high tightness and resistance to leakage. Especially suitable for anti-corrosion engineering, corrosion-resistant containers, etc. The FRP boat can be partially used, and it is used in combination with a fiberglass cloth.


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