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Advantages of vacuum steel hull vacuum guiding technology

As a new type of FRP ship construction process, the vacuum guide method has great advantages over the traditional manual paste process.

The hull structural strength has been effectively improved

The vacuum guiding process can simultaneously lay the hull, ribs, sandwich structure and other inserts of the forming ship during construction, thus greatly improving the integrity of the product, and the overall structural strength of the ship is greatly improved. In the case of the same raw materials, the strength, rigidity and other physical properties of the resin vacuum forming process hull can be increased by 30% to 50% compared with the hand-paste hull, which is more suitable for the large-scale development of modern FRP ships. trend.

The weight of the ship's hull is effectively controlled

The FRP ship produced by the vacuum guiding process has high fiber content, low porosity, high product performance, especially the improvement of interlayer strength, which greatly improves the fatigue resistance of the hull. Ships constructed by vacuum introduction can effectively reduce the structural weight if the strength or stiffness requirements are the same. When the same laminate design is used, the amount of resin used in the manual paste process is reduced by 30%, waste is less, and the resin loss rate is less than 5%.

The quality of ship products is effectively controlled

The vacuum guiding process is more manual paste, and the quality of the ship is less affected by the operator. There is a high degree of consistency between a ship and a batch of ships. The amount of reinforcing fiber used in the ship has been put into the mold according to the specified amount before the resin is injected. The resin ratio is also relatively constant, generally 30% to 45%, while the resin content of the manual paste hull is generally 50% to 70%. The uniformity and repeatability of the ship is much better than the hand lay-up process. At the same time, the precision of the ship produced by the process is better than that of the hand-paste ship, and the flatness of the surface of the hull is good, which reduces the labor and materials of the grinding and painting process.

The factory production environment has been effectively improved

The vacuum guiding process is a closed mold process, and volatile organic compounds and toxic air pollutants generated during the entire construction process are confined to the vacuum bag. Only a small amount of volatiles are emitted during vacuum pumping (filterable) and resin blending. VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) emissions do not exceed 5 × 10 standard, compared to traditional manual paste open working environment, on-site construction environment Greatly improved, effectively protecting the physical and mental health of the relevant on-site construction personnel.


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