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boat craft

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  • FRP-free boat area
FRP-free boat areaFRP-free boat areaFRP-free boat area
In general, the way to produce ships is to make male and female molds, and then carry out specific ship production according to the mold. For small batchesThe amount of product demand, making such a mold is relatively wasteful, so moldless glass fiber reinforced plastic shipbuilding has a use.

Just like the normal male model of a ship, you need to make a card board and build a shape.

The next use is not ordinary wood, but balsa wood and glass fiber through epoxy composite board.

It can also be made of PVC with glass fiber and epoxy composite board.

Each board needs to be riveted and fixed, and then bonded to each other with structural glue.

Epoxy putty should be scraped and polished on the surface. A kind of good epoxy putty is mainly used as filler.

Also reinforced with glass cloth.

After spraying primer and gel coat.

Sand the surface.

Then use it as a male model to turn a boat model.

The above process is suitable for production of moldless boats.
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